Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing by the book

Starting mini posts today, just one of the changes I have been thinking of. Just one sentence, one para, one link, one video, one image - anything to share. Just so that I get back in the habit of writing, of sharing.

Here is a blog I am in awe of - Playing by the book. Not only do they read tons of books, they also craft gorgeous related things, and listen to related music etc etc. The stuff they make up is amazing - check out the toy hospital for instance. Right now, there is a giveaway on, so do hop over and take a look :)


Playing by the book said...

Very kind comments! If you let me have the details of the Indian charities you mentioned I will add them to my list (leave a comment with their details on the charities post)

vanessa said...

I, too am in awe of Playing by the Book! Zoe comes up with the most creative activities. She inspires me!

Thanks for your comments on my blog--you made me smile.

Ananda said...

c'mon! .. you have to live up to your resolutions ... 1 blog per month ... you can do it!!

Swati said...

I just realized I don't have comment moderation enabled on this one - so I have been missing these comments! Bad, very bad. Off to remedy it now.

Thank you Ananda, for the little nudge - I have at least started on 'Of mice and keys', but this too needs some TLC.

Vanessa, thank you for visiting!

Zoe, yes, I am off to your blog right now - no, wait, after I remedy the comment moderation!